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Keeping Teeth Healthy in 2021 and Every Year: Two Exciting New Oral Health Promotion Resources

The American Academy of Pediatrics Campaign for Dental Health and the Hispanic Dental Association have released two new resources for families and anyone working with children and caregivers. These resources are designed with those most affected by dental disease in mind and are available in English and in Spanish.

Four tip sheets offer a variety of ways to keep teeth and mouths healthy for babies, kids, adults, and grandparents. Targeted for Latinx families, they include plenty of advice to choose water, not sugary beverages.

There is also a graphic-only depiction of tooth brushing technique, in handout and short video formats. This is especially useful with families with limited English proficiency or low literacy.

These resources and more that relate drinking water and beverage choice to oral health are on the Campaign’s Share page. Download and print or share electronically.



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