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The mission of NDWA is to ensure that all children in the
U.S. can drink safe water in the places where they live, learn
and play. Successfully addressing the systemic problems
and issues related to drinking water for children demands
a multi-pronged, collective and strategic approach.


In spring 2015, the University of California Nutrition Policy Institute convened over 30 experts in drinking water access and consumption from around the country, forming NDWA. At the convening, we agreed on the value of a coordinated network,
a mission, preliminary priorities, strategic actions and research gaps. 
Since then, we have grown to include allies from across the country, including researchers, public health and education professionals, advocates and other stakeholders.


NDWA works to build access and consumption through 
inter-related action areas: 
research, policy, safety, access, and education. Our common agenda: encouraging more people
to drink water more of the time, instead of sugary drinks, and promoting tap water whenever possible.


The NDWA listserv gives drinking water allies a forum for exchanging news, questions, resources, and ideas.
Click here to request to join.


NDWA is funded by the WK Kellogg Foundation and coordinated by the Nutrition Policy Institute, University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.


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