What’s Next for Drinking Water Access in California Schools?

Excellent access to drinking water in schools encourages the consumption of drinking water over sugar-sweetened beverages, which offers a host of benefits, including physical health and mental function. California enacted legislation in 2010 which required the provision of free drinking water in food service areas during meal times in public schools. A new policy brief from California Food Policy Advocates summarizes how drinking water access in California public schools has changed since 2010 and proposes additional policy recommendations to make drinking water accessible and safe in our schools. There have been marked improvements in drinking water access in California public schools, incl

Supporting Healthy Food and Beverage Policies on the Navajo Nation

Community members and advocates are uniting to help catalyze healthy living across the Navajo Nation, including passing healthy food and beverage policies, promoting healthy beverages with “water champions” and increasing water options at small grocery stores. All of the projects are part of the Community Outreach and Patient Empowerment (COPE) organization’s drive to increase access to and consumption of safe drinking water among Navajo children. Working with families, Head Start Program staff, community health representatives, Navajo Chapter House leaders and tribal leaders, COPE hopes to empower Navajo families and their children to shift toward healthier, available choices. Healthy Food

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