Tips for a Successful Hydration Research Project

Motivated by their success in promoting and advocating for healthy hydration at John Swett High School, teens developed tip sheets for implementing similiar youth-led participatory action research (YPAR) projects. The tip sheets provide framework for starting YPAR projects and guidance on the following topics: getting started training for success YPAR methods YPAR implementation peer education advocacy The teens worked with University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources Contra Costa 4-H and nutrition units to develop the tip sheets. Special thanks to Marisa Neelon, MS, RD, Nutrition, Family, & Consumer Sciences Advisor and Charles G. Go, PhD, 4-H Youth Development Advisor for wri

Disparities in Tap and Bottled Water Intake Among US Adults

Black and Hispanic U.S. adults are half as likely as whites to drink tap water and more than twice as likely to drink bottled water, according to a recent Penn State analysis led by Asher Rosinger, assistant professor of Biobehavioral Health and Anthropology. The findings support past research that indicates that minorities and more vulnerable populations have a higher distrust of tap water in America, and that those who do not drink tap water and instead consume bottled water are at greater risk of health issues and financial burdens. This study found that from 2011 to 2014 nearly 53 percent of Hispanic adults and 46 percent of black adults consumed bottled water on a given day compared to

Assessing Beverage Intake in Children and Adolescents: what is the best method for your study?

Promoting healthy beverage intake, particularly among children and adolescents, has emerged in recent years as a policy and research priority. Because different dietary assessment methods are subject to specific and unique limitations that could influence study findings, it is important to understand what assessment methods are available, what properties they have, and what methods are typically used in the scientific literature. A new report, “Measuring Beverage Intake in Children and Adolescents: State of the Science, Recommendations, and Resources for Evaluation,” and a forthcoming systematic review begin to address these issues. The report provides guidance on using five main types of as

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