The National Drinking Water Alliance is made up of allies from across the country, including researchers, public health and education professionals, advocates and other stakeholders.


Organizational Allies:

Individual Allies:

  • Uriyoán Colón-Ramos, ScD, MPA

  • Angie Cradock, ScD, MPE

  • Christina Hecht, PhD

  • Tracy Fox, MPH, RD

  • Roberta Friedman, ScM

  • Natasha Frost, JD

  • Steve Gortmaker, PhD

  • Anna Grummon, PhD

  • Amelie Hecht

  • Erica Kenney, MPH, ScD

  • Hannah G. Lawman, PhD

  • Kristina Henderson Lewis, MD, MPH, SM

  • Anisha Patel, MD, MSPH, MSHS

  • Mary Podrabsky, MPH, RD

  • Asher Rosinger, PhD, MPH

  • Jodi Stookey, PhD

  • Mary Story, PhD, RD

  • Cara Wilking, JD

Click on the logos above to access individual organization websites or click here for a full listing of NDWA Allies.


Join the movement to ensure that all children in the U.S. can drink water in the places where they live, learn and play! Sign on as an official ally of the NDWA by contacting us at:    |   (510) 642-3589

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