Chicago Public Schools Invent New Water Quality Device

To effectively and economically reduce lead levels in school tap water, facilities staff at Chicago Public Schools invented an automatic flushing device for water systems. Michael Ramos, an engineer from Chicago Public Schools (CPS), invented the Noah device after extensive testing of school district tap water and determining flushing would be the best way to avoid water stagnating in pipes and absorbing lead. “Noah is a practical ‘plug and play’, maintenance-free device that requires no batteries, no internal clock to program, and has no filters or strainers to clean,” explained Ramos. Extensive testing of the district’s nearly 12,000 taps found only 3.05% had at least one sample with over

Southwest Tribes Gather to Put Water First!

Building on nearly a year of community listening and behavior assessment in tribal communities the Notah Begay III (NB3) Foundation’s Water First! Learning Community cohort met for the fourth time last fall to share action plans to reduce sugary drink intake and increase safe drinking water consumption and/or promote breastfeeding. The NB3 Foundation has awarded grants to eight tribes and Native-led organizations in Arizona and New Mexico. Each grant provides financial support and regular cohort meetings, which are intended to provide a learning community that allows grantees to support each project with feedback and resources. The grantees focused on brainstorming and sharing ideas on their

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