Alaska’s 'Play Every Day' Campaign Brings a Focus to Water

This summer, the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services launched a new campaign aimed at 0 to 5-year-olds and their caregivers. Play Every Day will introduce the state’s youngsters to key healthy habits that have proven to prevent chronic disease later in life. Play Every Day’s staff created its new materials after talking with Alaska parents and discovering that they wanted to know more about which drinks hid large amounts of sugar—and just how much of it. Alaskan parents often start serving their children sugary drinks at a young age. On any given day, more than 1 out of 4 Alaskan parents report serving their 3-year-old soda, fruit drinks, sweetened powdered drinks, sports drinks

National Drinking Water Alliance Featured on WebMD

Article highlights the challenges facing parents and educators in hydrating America’s kids Last week, the National Drinking Water Alliance’s advocacy efforts were featured on WebMD, one of America’s most popular health news sources. The outlet’s in-depth article “Not Just One Reason Kids Don't Drink Enough Water,” authored by the Emmy-award winning medical journalist Jennifer Clopton, offers a comprehensive overview of the challenges that parents face in getting their children to drink healthy water instead of choosing sugary drinks or living with chronic under-hydration. Clopton identifies poor access to water at schools, camps, daycares, and preschools as one of the greatest roadblocks to

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