Alaskans Drink This—Not That!

Alaska’s Play Every Day campaign shares new public education materials that feature local families and Alaska sports champions choosing to drink water or low-fat milk instead of sugary drinks. The nationally recognized campaign distributes free materials to motivate Alaskans to “Drink This” — water and low-fat milk — and “Not That” — sugary drinks. Sugary drinks are beverages that contain added sugar, which include sports and energy drinks, vitamin drinks, sweetened fruit drinks, powdered mixes, flavored teas and soda. The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services launched Play Every Day in 2012 as a social marketing campaign that promotes positive health behaviors to help prevent and

New Questions to Consider for Planning Successful School-based Drinking Water Interventions

A new paper from researcher Jodi Stookey in Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism outlines what factors to consider when designing effective school-based drinking water interventions. Experimenting with changes to drinking water systems in schools may have positive effects on weight and risk of obesity for children, but there are particular conditions of the intervention that may maximize these effects. The success depends on factors such as the initial weight status, total beverage intake pattern, dietary restraint, diet composition and activity level of the target population. Strategic planning helps to create and sustain these particular conditions needed for the best possible outcomes for t

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