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National Drinking Water Alliance Featured on WebMD

Article highlights the challenges facing parents and educators in hydrating America’s kids

Last week, the National Drinking Water Alliance’s advocacy efforts were featured on WebMD, one of America’s most popular health news sources.

The outlet’s in-depth article “Not Just One Reason Kids Don't Drink Enough Water,” authored by the Emmy-award winning medical journalist Jennifer Clopton, offers a comprehensive overview of the challenges that parents face in getting their children to drink healthy water instead of choosing sugary drinks or living with chronic under-hydration.

Clopton identifies poor access to water at schools, camps, daycares, and preschools as one of the greatest roadblocks to hydration.

In the article, Erica L. Kenney, ScD, an assistant professor at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, highlights the root of the problem. She says, “when you become an adult and you want a drink of water, you can generally get it. As a kid though, you are in a captive school environment. In some cases, there are a lot of hoops kids have to jump through…kids are going through the day and can’t get enough water to satisfy their thirst.”

Clopton goes on to highlight some of the actions advocates are taking to make easy and appealing access to water a priority for parents, educators and other caregivers nationwide:

“When it comes to solutions, advocates say you have to approach a complex problem like this in many different ways. There are organizations and advocates like the National Drinking Water Alliance working to make sure all children have access to clean and safe drinking water.”

Read the entire story online here.

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