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New Drinking Water Fact Sheets Available

What are the health benefits of drinking water? How can we encourage water consumption at school? What do we need to consider in addressing school water quality? Find user-friendly answers to these questions—and many more—in a new trio of fact sheets.

The University of California Nutrition Policy Institute created three new downloadable fact sheets on drinking water in school settings. The fact sheets are available now on the National Drinking Water Alliance website.

Healthy Hydration teaches the benefits of drinking water in place of sugar-sweetened beverages.

Effective Access to Water in Schools uses a visual to show nine ways water can be provided and promoted in a school cafeteria.

Drinking Water Safety in Schools graphically shows where lead can enter tap water in schools and provides an overview of steps to take to ensure tap water safety.

School administrators and staff, parents, local school boards and the broader school community will find helpful information about the importance of drinking water and how to provide it safely and effectively. All three fact sheets include citations and links to recommended resources for more information. Find all three fact sheets here.

Fact sheets created with funding from Kaiser Permanente.

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