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Are you Ready to Offer Water? Watch now: Webinar for CACFP Providers

CACFP’s new meal standards go into effect on October 1, 2017 including a requirement to make water available and offer it to children throughout the day. Are you ready?

Watch the recording of “Ready, Set, Go! Drinking Water for Children in After-School and Child Care Programs,” an informative and lively webinar offering best practices, resources, research, and advice on assuring access to drinking water and supporting a successful implementation of beverage requirements in the new CACFP meal pattern. Click to watch here.

  • Speakers from the Nutrition Policy Institute and the USDA help you discover fun and effective ways to meet the CACFP water requirements and promote drinking water in childcare settings.

  • Learn ways to address water safety concerns using step-by-step information on assuring tap water safety.

  • Hear listener input on the challenges that stakeholders may experience and what type of support is needed for an effective implementation process.

The webinar was hosted by the National Association of Family Child Care Homes. For more information and training materials on the new CACFP meal standards, such as the poster pictured here, see the USDA‘s new library of tools.

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