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Drinking Water: What, So What, Now What?

Drinking water, public health, and obesity prevention stakeholders gathered for an interactive workshop at the 9th Biennial Childhood Obesity Conference on May 30 to share ideas and discuss strategies.

Hosted by the National Drinking Water Alliance and University of California Nutrition Policy Institute, participants updated one another on the latest and greatest in drinking water via a “Data Walk,” organized into the four buckets of Alliance activity: research, policy, access and safety, and education and promotion. They also brainstormed strategies for focusing on infants and young children, as well

as messaging on water safety and promotion.

Session highlights included:

  • New recommendations for infant and toddler beverage intake

  • An update on a new product from Brita that filters for lead

  • Findings from University of Washington’s Center for Public Health Nutrition research on water access and student and staff perceptions about water in high schools

  • Efforts to promote water by the Los Angeles Department of Public Health, the American Academy of Pediatrics Campaign for Dental Health, the National CACFP Sponsors Association and many more

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