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Blueprint for Children - water safety a priority

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) produced the Blueprint for Children: How the Next President Can Build a Foundation for a Healthy Future to put forward a vision for what the new presidential administration can do to improve the lives of children.

Because the health of our society depends upon the strength and well-being of children, this document outlines a comprehensive vision for how the federal government should be aligned to give children a solid foundation. While the realities of the political process will necessitate choices and prioritization, we believe that children deserve no less than a bold agenda for improving their lives.

The Blueprint consists of a high-level policy agenda followed by specific recommendations for each of the relevant federal agencies and departments.

Two water safety policy recommendations included in the report:

  • Strengthen federal laws and programs to ensure children live in clean environments, including clean air, water, and housing through the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) air and water quality standards and HUD’s public housing standards.

  • Address aging and outdated infrastructure and its impacts on lead in water.

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