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South Korean Tap Water Delegation Meets with National Drinking Water Alliance

Representatives from the Citizen’s Network for Tap Water of South Korea (CNTW) recently met with the National Drinking Water Alliance in order to learn about tap water promotional efforts in the United States. The primary issue CNTW is facing in South Korea is the amount of water consumed in bottle form. They are interested in promoting the economical and environmental advantages of tap water.

CNTW says, “Tap water is public drinking water supplied by taxpayers’ money. There are various

types of drinking water, such as bottled water and purified (filtered) water, however, tap water is the only drinking water that the government takes responsibility for management and supply.”

The two organizations had a lively meeting with the exchange of information, gifts and tea. CNTW representatives were eager to learn about the public health community’s effort to move people from sugar sweetened beverages to water, strategies to increase water consumption in general, and about specific promotional campaigns, including Louisville Tap (KY), Water Up (MD), Brooklyn Fresh Moves (NY), and Agua 4 All (CA).

CNTW is composed of 74 organizations from various sectors including consumer, environmental and women’s organizations as well as water utilities, water experts and government organizations. They monitor the administration and supply of tap water and provide information about tap water and are now working on drinking water education and promotion efforts.

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