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We are challenging you to do these best practices every day.  Choose actions that work in your setting: school, home or workplace.


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Points Vary By Activity

Put water in your wellness policy.  Points = 500

  • Add specific water-related language ensuring access to free, clean and safe drinking water throughout the childcare or workplace day


Check on tap water safety.  Points = 500

Educate about drinking water.   Points = 500

  • Download the bookmark in English or Spanish for a take-home for parents, providers and co-workers


Dispense water the child-friendly way, throughout the day.   Points = 1000 each

The Child Nutrition Act requires access to water throughout the day.  Here are some popular user-friendly approaches for the childcare setting:

  1. Put child-sized pitchers on the table and offer cups so children can pour their own water. Providing a vessel near a water source allows students to take more than just a sip or two at a time, increasing overall consumption. 

  2. Station an Igloo-type cooler for water access outside ​along with cups and/or reusable water bottles. 

  3. Provide each child with a re-fillable water bottle 

    • Fill it at a sink with child-friendly taps and stepstool OR a bottle filling station.

    • Store reusable water bottles at school and clean bottles regularly. Keeping reusable water bottles at school overnight decreases the likelihood that the bottles will be lost. 

    • Teach bottle hygiene to parents and professionals.  Reusable bottles must be properly cleaned and fully air-dried at least once per week to prevent development of odors or bacteria. See page 51 of Water Works: A Guide to Improving Water Access and Consumption in Schools to Improve Health and Support Learning.

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