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Tips & Model Language for

Your Message to Washington


How to write a comment as an individual:

Tips to give your comment maximum impact:

  • Comments are most effective if they are courteous, professional, and respectful

  • Your comment will only be counted if it is a unique and individual piece of input

  • Add your personal or professional opinions, experiences or examples to the suggested “asks”

  • Include specific information or a constructive suggestion

  • Comment readers must read 1000’s of comments. Make sure yours is clear, concise and relevant

  • Most important: submit a comment!


Specific recommendations:

Include your credentials and experience that bear on the matter at hand:

Example: “I teach 5th grade in Arizona and the MyPlate graphic is on my classroom wall.”

Then state your request:

Example: “I am writing to urge you to add a symbol for drinking water to MyPlate.  I  also want language that clearly says, “Drink water instead of sugary drinks” in the 2020 Dietary Guidelines.”

Give a real-life example of why you want to see this change to MyPlate:

Example: “A symbol for water on the MyPlate graphic will be a daily visual reminder for my students that drinking water is part of a healthy diet. It will also give me a place to talk with my students about why water is healthier than sugary drinks.”

Other types of remarks you can make include:

  • I care about drinking water because ___.

  • MyPlate is part of my life because ____.

  • Leaving water off of MyPlate suggests that it is not part of a healthy diet.

  • It is important to remind people to drink water. MyPlate can help do that by adding a symbol for drinking water.

  • Please help Americans make Water First for Thirst.

Example of a comment from an individual:

“Thank you for this opportunity to provide input to the 2025-2030 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. I am a PTA member of SCHOOL NAME in STATE. Our PTA recently decided to find ways to promote healthy habits, per our School Wellness Policy, by highlighting one healthy habit each month with posters and activities around our school. A MyPlate graphic that includes drinking water, and other USDA consumer-facing materials our teachers and parents can use to promote drinking water, will show our students that the US government backs up our message to our students on the importance of choosing water as the best way to hydrate their bodies.”

Click here for the USDA online comment submission form for 2025-2030 Dietary Guidelines for Americans and MyPlate.


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