January 28, 2019

Canada’s Food Guide has just been revised and it encourages Canadians to make water their “beverage of choice.”  The Food Guide’s new dietary advice graphic is a colorful photograph of a plate with a glass of water beside it. This graphic replaces the rainbow image.

The Guide says, “Sugary drinks … should not be consumed regularly” and defines sugary drinks as including soft drinks, fruit-flavoured drinks, 100% fruit juice, flavoured waters with added sugars, sport and energy drinks, and other sweetened hot or cold beverages, such as iced tea, cold coffee beverages, sweetened milks, and sweetened plant-based beverages.”

This guidance may be found in the Food Guide, Section 2 "Foods and beverages that undermine healthy eating".

The Globe and Mail reports, “The new Canada’s Food Guide explained: Goodbye four food groups and serving sizes, hello hydration.”

The instruction encouraging Canadians to make water their “beverage of choice” is meant to fulfill two purposes: to promote...

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