Let’s Tackle School Drinking Water Safety! Webinar Series: recordings now available

The three-part School Drinking Water Safety webinar series offers practical information, tools, and strategies to help communities provide students with safe, appealing drinking water. The content is intended for a diverse audience including school administrators, food service personnel, school board members, and parents. Webinar 1: Why Are We Talking About It? Drinking Water and Lead Exposure How does lead get into water and what effects can it have on children and adults? We’ll provide a simple overview of plumbing, lead exposure in tap water, and the importance of appealing drinking water in schools. Click to view the slide deck and watch the recording. Webinar 2: Planning for School Wate

Access to Safe Drinking Water Key to Reducing Sugary Drink Consumption

Access to safe drinking water was highlighted as an important strategy for reducing sugary drink consumption among children aged 0-5 when experts convened at a recent workshop hosted by the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM). Christina Hecht, of the University of California Nutrition Policy Institute (NPI), spoke to colleagues about key steps to increasing water consumption for young children. NPI serves as the hub for the National Drinking Water Alliance. Because children younger than seven are particularly vulnerable to the toxic effects of lead, and other contaminants, Hecht explained that an initial step in water promotion is to consider safety. She noted tha

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