New Interactive Map Tracks Water Safety

Where is tap water putting children at risk and how are state leaders responding? University of California Nutrition Policy Institute and the National Drinking Water Alliance just released an interactive map identifying places across the country where drinking water has been rendered unsafe to drink by lead or other contaminants. The map was created to fill a gap: there is little readily accessible information on the extent of tap water contamination across the U.S. Each pin tells a story: you can link to news articles about drinking water contamination around the U.S. You’ll see the states that have adopted policies or programs to test for lead in schools and childcare, and the states cons

New Video Highlights the Importance of Water for Good Oral Health

The average child in the United States now consumes over half of their body weight in sugar every year. Much of this sugar comes from sugary beverages, including juice and soda. Too much sugar can lead to serious health issues such as obesity, diabetes and poor oral health. Some populations, such as Latinos experience higher rates of oral disease than the general population. About half of all Latino children in the United States have experienced cavities and, in Washington State, the rampant decay rate (seven or more cavities) among Latino children is on the rise, in part because of the increase in sugary beverage consumption. As part of The Mighty Mouth campaign, Washington Dental Service F

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