Free Water Testing for Lead Available to California Schools

The State Water Resources Control Board's Division of Drinking Water (Division), in collaboration with the California Department of Education, has taken the initiative to begin testing drinking water in schools (K-12) for lead. Schools may request assistance from their public water system to conduct water sampling for lead and to provide technical assistance if an elevated lead sample site is found. With 12.5% of US public school students (grades K-12) attending California public schools, this program potentially impacts one in eight US school children. The move comes after mounting concerns over the lack of requirements for water quality testing in schools, especially after the disaster in

New Resource Helps Communities Replace Lead Service Lines

Check out the latest new resource to help communities replace lead service lines to improve tap water quality - the Lead Service Line Replacement Collaborative project. The collaborative of 23 national public health, water utility, labor, consumer, housing, state and local governmental, and environmental organizations are uniting to help communities replace old lead pipes that are the primary culprit behind the lead contamination of millions of Americans' drinking water. The group provides advice and tools to speed up pipe replacement. For more information on the Lead Service Line Replacement Collaborative project, visit, read coverage by USA Today or this blog pos

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