Safe Drinking Water: Part of a Blueprint for a Healthier America 2016

Making safe drinking water “readily available to all students, regardless of family income or school location” is one of several recommendations for drinking water policy made in Trust for America’s Health recently released Blueprint for a Healthier America 2016: Policy Priorities for the Next Administration and Congress. The report also discusses the urgent need for a robust environmental health system and cites the Flint, MI water crisis as just one example of widespread threats to the health of low-income and minority communities across the country, and the need for a strong and equitable system. In order to support the “uncomplicated” right to environmental health that everyone in the US

South Korean Tap Water Delegation Meets with National Drinking Water Alliance

Representatives from the Citizen’s Network for Tap Water of South Korea (CNTW) recently met with the National Drinking Water Alliance in order to learn about tap water promotional efforts in the United States. The primary issue CNTW is facing in South Korea is the amount of water consumed in bottle form. They are interested in promoting the economical and environmental advantages of tap water. CNTW says, “Tap water is public drinking water supplied by taxpayers’ money. There are various types of drinking water, such as bottled water and purified (filtered) water, however, tap water is the only drinking water that the government takes responsibility for management and supply.” The two organiz

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